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Nailsworthweather.co.uk brings you live weather conditions complete with webcam and lightning detector as monitored in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire.

The information is collected with an automatic weather station and the data you see on this web site is updated every five minutes.

Todays Weather Observation
No observed weather conditions have been posted for today.

Rainfall Watch
2012 = 1053mm.
2013 = 759mm
2014 = 1154mm
2015 = 203.0mm.
Sunrise and Sunset Time
Sunrise 5:03
Sunset 21:10
Moon First Quarter
Nailsworth Weather Android App

There is now an Android app for this weather site. It's not in the Google App store, but you can download and install it from our website if you tell the phone to allow third party apps to be installed.

The app can be found here or point your phone at the following QR code. The download is 109KB so is quite small. The app shows all the weather data, lightning detector output, graphs, observations and a forecast.

The app was last updated on the 8th July 2012.

What's the weather like where you live?

Post your weather reports along with ours in the daily Observations section!!
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For lots more information on Nailsworth, a community forum, free Classified advertising and more pay a visit to another of my websites, Nailsworth.com

Weather Events on Video
Below are some video clips of interesting local weather events.

Video: Flooding at Cherington
December 26th, 2012
The area has had what seems like constant rain since April leaving the ground completely saturated. The Christmas period brought yet more rain and this short video was shot by Cherington Lake.
Flooding at Cherington Lake

Video: Snow in Nailsworth
December 20th, 2010
The county had lots of snow fall just before Christmas. This is a short clip of the snow in the town.
Snow in Nailsworth

Video: Big Storm hits Stroud
Monday the 28th July 08
After finally having a couple of hot summer days, it was all a bit too much for Monday which ended the working day with a big storm, wind, heavy rain and lots of thunder and lightning.
Stroud Storm Clip

Video: Snow Event in Nailsworth!
Saturday 22nd March 08
After a windy week, lots of the UK had a short snow event. This is a short clip of the one we had in Nailsworth. Lasting about ten minutes, it left the hills looking white but it all melted shortly afterwards.
Nailsworth Snow

Video: More Flooding in Stroud!
Friday 20th July 07
60mm of rain falls and the Slad Road in Stroud floods for a second time this year! Another video this time showing the river that causes the flood and a bloke in a canoe. The link to the video is below.
Slad Road Flood Video (another!)

Video: Flooding in Stroud
Monday 25th June 07
The 25th June brought floods to many parts of the UK, and some to our area.
Slad Road Flood Video

Short Video of the Thunder Storm on
Friday 15th June 07
Friday brought a short storm to Nailsworth, so I have produced a short video of the event. It's in Flash 8 format so you need the flash player installed which most people probably have! The link is below:
Fridays Storm Video

Current Nailsworth Weather
Recorded at: 22:53
Temperature11.1 'C
Feels Like10.7 'C
Wind Speed0.0 mph
Wind Gust16.0 mph
Wind DirectionN
Pressure1027.0 mb
Pressure TrendRising Slowly
Todays Rainfall0.0 mm
Forecast: Mostly clear with little temperature change.
The forecast above is generated by the Weather Station and isn't going to be very accurate! The proper forecast is below. Click the Weather in Detail link for more data



wind speed

wind direction


This weeks rainfall